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Engaging men in Gender Based Violence prevention program


Asumani Susho, a Racial Justice Network member, has set up a project engaging men in the prevention of Gender Based Violence.

Men’s Gender Based Violence prevention workshop is to help promoting peace, minimizing and eliminating Gender based violence in our families, communities, work places and society. It focuses on enabling men to reflect on how we can prevent practices that affects us physically, emotionally, economically and socially in our daily life.

The project focuses on changing attitudes and challenging cultural/traditional practices that condone Gender Based Violence.

The workshop aims to prevent situations of violence and abuse from escalating or being repeated, and to stop the victimization of those who have experienced GBV, and ultimately reduce high risk incident of sexual and domestic violence.

The project’s first workshop will be at 5-7 pm on Saturday 17th February 2018. This session will be held at Quaker Meeting House, Russell Street, Melbourne Place, Little Horton. Bradford BD5 0JB

There will also be sessions on 22/02/18 at the Sudanese community (Bradford), 25/02/18 at the Congolese community centre (Bradford), and 06/03/18 at the Sudanese community (Bradford).