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Racial Justice Network Statement on Terror attacks on Leeds Mosque and Gurdwara

We are alarmed and appalled by the recent attacks on a Mosque and a Sikh Temple in the city of Leeds. These arson attacks signal a grave violation of culturally and religiously sacred spaces and are indicative of what the UN special rapporteur on racism recently referred to as ‘the growth in the acceptability of explicit racial, ethnic and religious intolerance’. The lack of national media coverage reveals a lack of concern for Muslim and Sikh lives and reminds us that the terrorist label (and public outrage) is only reserved for Black and Brown people.

These attacks follow on from racist and fascist DFLA-led marches in Leeds and Manchester at the weekend and reflect a resurgence of far-right racisms. Whilst we believe that the far-right are still in the minority, there is a real need for the solidification and growth of anti-racist movements. With our allies across the country, the Racial Justice Network will be a part of it.

Syrian Refugees:Burden or bonus to UK economy?

This is the story of Razan Alsous, founder of Yorkshire Dama Cheese. Razan is a Syrian refugee who arrived in Britain less than three years ago. In this short space of time, she has been strengthening the UK economy through her Huddersfield based Halloumi cheese factory. read more