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Do we need more policing?

In light of racialised state surveillance, state powers and (in)justice systems, do we need more policing?

Police have recently undertaken a national rollout of mobile fingerprint scanners linked to the Home Office immigration databases, after a pilot in West Yorkshire. Even though the police have used fingerprinting technology for years, the direct link to the immigration database is brand new.

Police have also been given more power around stop and search despite previous campaigns and pushback due to overrepresentation and targeting of Black and Brown communities.

Recent reports on gang matrix, facial recognition, drones are leading most to question the amount of powers and surveillance and at the height of hostile environment, prevent and information sharing leaves many to question what this means for vulnerable, Black, Brown and migrant communities.

Join us on the 30th of April 2019 for discussions about whether we need more policing and ways forward.

Travelling while Black: From Dr. Who to Ryanair

his occurred onboard a flight to the UK: a country in which, less than 10 years after the Montgomery bus boycott, the British electorate were encouraged to vote against the Labour party in order to avoid the threat of having a ‘nigger for a neighbour’. Was the man’s concern about sitting next to a Black woman not an echo of this sentiment? read more

Resisting Racial Injustice with Kathleen Cleaver

Resisting racial injustice and policing

Based on the event on 20th of June 2018 and in partnership with Northern Police Monitoring Project.. The underlying reason for our resistance lies in our vision; Holistic, Economic, Cultural and Spiritual repairs to end Racial Injustice and address legacies … read more


Windrush, Empire

RACIAL JUSTICE NETWORK STATEMENT ON DEPORTATIONS, WINDRUSH GENERATION AND THE BBC AIRING OF ENOCH POWELL’S ‘RIVERS OF BLOOD’ SPEECH. In a socio-political climate that is manifestly hostile to people with migrant, asylum and refugee status, the BBC’s decision to air … read more

Urgent Community Meeting #HungerforFreedom

Yarlswood urgent meeting,Leeds #HungerforFreedom

More than 400 women are detained indefinitely in Yarl’s Wood, where their humanity is striped and their integrity demolished. Over 100 women have been on hunger strike since 21 February 2018. We re coming together in in solidarity to play … read more

Hostile Environment; segregates migrants and encourages racial profiling

Hostile Environment; segregates migrants and encourages racial profiling Imran Arif and Peninah Wangari-Jones @peninah69 @racejustice on ‘Hostile Environment policy’ In 2012 Theresa May, then Home Secretary, announced a new approach to immigration: to make Britain a “hostile environment” for people … read more

RJN: Reflecting on 2017, looking forward to 2018

RJN: Reflecting on 2017, looking forward to 2018 Remi Joseph Salisbury and Penny Wangari-Jones from the Racial Justice Network take stock:    2017 has been an eventful year. From the election of Donald Trump to the continued fallout of the Brexit … read more