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Syrian Refugees:Burden or bonus to UK economy?

This is the story of Razan Alsous, founder of Yorkshire Dama Cheese.

Razan is a Syrian refugee who arrived in Britain less than three years ago. In this short space of time, she has been strengthening the UK economy through her Halloumi cheese factory which she established in Huddersfield.


MEND Muslim Manifesto 2015

British Muslims also face the worst level of job discrimination in employment and are highly represented in the most deprived local authority areas in the UK. This manifesto is a contribution to furthering the social, civic, economic and political integration of British Muslims in UK society. read more

Tell politicians you want to see a change in our immigration system

With the first week of the general election campaign behind us there are hopefully signs that this time around immigration might get a fairer hearing from voters. We are determined to amplify the grass-roots messages through Our Vote campaign which allows everyone to write to their parliamentary candidates asking them to bring back fairness into immigration. read more