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Racism in schools parents circle

Blurb from a parent.. The failure of the school to adequately address issues of racism filled me with fear and worry for how Black and Brown children are being treated in schools and resulted in me removing my child from a local  school.
Too often, such experiences of institutional racism within schools are shared by Black and Brown children and their families in our community. Racism throughout our education system, and in its varied forms, must be continually and collectively addressed to secure safer communities for Black and Brown children.
We invite you to come along to our first forum to discuss the experiences of Black and Brown children and families within schools, particularly around race and racism.
This meeting will take place on Thursday 18th April 2019 6-8pm Kids are welcome and light refreshments will be available.
This event is invitation only! Please email penny@racialjusticenetwork.co.uk for further details.