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Do we need more policing?

In light of racialised state surveillance, state powers and (in)justice systems, do we need more policing?

Police have recently undertaken a national rollout of mobile fingerprint scanners linked to the Home Office immigration databases, after a pilot in West Yorkshire. Even though the police have used fingerprinting technology for years, the direct link to the immigration database is brand new.

Police have also been given more power around stop and search despite previous campaigns and pushback due to overrepresentation and targeting of Black and Brown communities.

Recent reports on gang matrix, facial recognition, drones are leading most to question the amount of powers and surveillance and at the height of hostile environment, prevent and information sharing leaves many to question what this means for vulnerable, Black, Brown and migrant communities.

Join us on the 30th of April 2019 for discussions about whether we need more policing and ways forward.