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Yarlswood urgent meeting,Leeds #HungerforFreedom

Urgent Community Meeting #HungerforFreedom

More than 400 women are detained indefinitely in Yarl’s Wood, where their humanity is striped and their integrity demolished.

Over 100 women have been on hunger strike since 21 February 2018. We re coming together in in solidarity to play our part and ensure that this abhorrent system comes to an end.

Please join us for/share this emergency meeting to discuss how people in West Yorkshire can act.  We will be hosting a short panel discussion about the UK asylum system,indefinite detention and so forth.

We will then break off into working groups to focus on an area of action that suits our capacity and interest.

In solidarity
Racial Justice Network, Sisters Uncut, Leeds no Borders, Leeds DynaMix, Race card, WAST, Sisters United.

Hostile Environment; segregates migrants and encourages racial profiling

Hostile Environment; segregates migrants and encourages racial profiling Imran Arif and Peninah Wangari-Jones @peninah69 @racejustice on ‘Hostile Environment policy’ In 2012 Theresa May, then Home Secretary, announced a new approach to immigration: to make Britain a “hostile environment” for people … read more

Syrian Refugees:Burden or bonus to UK economy?

This is the story of Razan Alsous, founder of Yorkshire Dama Cheese. Razan is a Syrian refugee who arrived in Britain less than three years ago. In this short space of time, she has been strengthening the UK economy through her Huddersfield based Halloumi cheese factory. read more