Sans Frontières (in Solidarity with #HungerForFreedom)

In solidarity with those on hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood, ‘Sans Frontières’ by Philip Marsh. You can pledge to join, and find out more about tomorrow’s 24-hour freedom fast here



An end to borders.

To the dotted lines and coloured shapes

That make a jigsaw of the world

And separate us from each other.



An end to frontiers.

To the blank spaces patrolled by the dragons of ignorance

Whose breath is a firewall

against the virus of knowledge.



An end to the gamification of life.

To International  Shoot’em’up Diplomacy

Conducted for Monopoly money

Under Charades of freedom.



An end to binaries and boxes.

To being packaged according to rich or poor, black or white

Man or woman, straight or gay.

Rulers or ruled.



An end to isolation.

To There and Here being different places.

To our struggles being Ours and theirs being Theirs.

To Them, and to Us.


There is no Them.

There is only Us.



Possibilities without frontiers

Thoughts without frontiers

Poetry without frontiers

Fiction without frontiers

Music without frontiers

Art without frontiers

Culture without frontiers

Gender without frontiers

Sexuality without frontiers

Association without frontiers

Acceptance without frontiers

Aid without frontiers

Compassion without frontiers

Humanity without frontiers

Without frontiers

Sans Frontières.


Bez granitsi

Bez granica

Bez hranic

Uden grænser


Ilman rajoja

Sans frontiers

Ohne Grenzen

Chorís sýnora

Határok nélkül

Senza frontier

Bez robežām

Be sienų

Mingħajr fruntieri

Zonder grenzen

Bez granic

Sem fronteiras

Fără frontier

Bez hraníc

Brez meja

Sin fronteras

Utan gränser

Heb ffiniau

sen landlimoj

بلا حدود (bila hudud)

ללא גבולות

सीमाओं के बिना (seemaon ke bina)

ਸਰਹੱਦ ਦੇ ਬਗੈਰ (Sarahada dē bagaira)

אָן Frontiers (on Frontiers)

Without frontiers

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