Fast for Freedom

Racial Justice Network member, Rakesh Prashara on why we should take the pledge to support the Fast for Freedom


Over 120 women at the Yarl’s Wood detention centre are on hunger strike as a result of their inhumane treatment at the anti-immigration facility.  More than 400 people, most of whom are women are detained indefinitely, denying them their basic human rights as a result of the Government’s policy of creating a ‘hostile environment’.

People detained at Yarl’s Wood and are not recent immigrants; many have lived in the UK for over 10 years and have contributed to our society, but without warning or explanation they have been detained as a result of the policies of successive UK governments who want to be seen to be tough on immigration.

Those held at Yarl’s Wood include women like Theresa from Uganda, who described being there as “psychological torture”. Even those held in prison have knowledge of the time they must serve, but for people in Yarl’s Wood there is no timeframe or obvious process carried out. Individuals are treated “like animals” according to a report by the Chief Inspector of prisons, Nick Hardwick, and even basic medical treatments are held back.

In an act of solidarity and to celebrate International Women’s day on 8th March people all over the world are pledging to Fast for Freedom to amplify the demands of those held at Yarl’s Wood Dentition Centre. Join us!! ​

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