Race hate – a crime the police will not solve

A government study shows that less than a fifth of allegations of racially or religiously motivated crime are now investigated, and less than a third of these result in court proceedings, let alone convictions. read more


Impact of universal credit and welfare reforms on the Gypsy and Traveller communities

Findings from roundtable discussions delivered by Leeds Gypsy and Traveller Exchange and the IrishTraveller Movement in Britain addressing widespread concerns regarding the introduction of Universal Credit (UC) and its impact on Gypsies and Travellers are revealed in this report. read more


Between the lines: Contours of nation, multiculture and race equality in policy discourse in the New Labour period

A new PhD on the rise and fall of race equality in New Labour’s Britain. The research demonstrates how modern multiculture has fractured Black political identity and anti-racist activity, and calls on race equality organisers to engage with the new politics of racism, discrimination and ethnic identification in order to build a new counter-politics for equality. read more


Reducing ‘Drop-Out’ Rates for Black Students Means Institutional Transformation, Not Individual Support

Earlier this year the government urged universities to reduce the ‘drop-out’ rates of Black students. With Black students 50% more likely to drop out than their peers, the universities minister Jo Johnson argued that “there needs to be much greater … read more